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masterMerge pull request #1 from nickcano/patch-1Adrian Kummerländer6 years
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2016-06-17Merge pull request #1 from nickcano/patch-1HEADmasterAdrian Kummerländer
2016-06-14Evaluation order in this case is unspecifiedNick Cano
2014-12-19Removed unnecessary `inline` declarations and changed recursionsAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-02-07Added get member method overloadAdrian Kummerländer
2014-02-06Converted detail::Result into general optional_ptr typeAdrian Kummerländer
2014-02-06Introduced simple result wrapper templateAdrian Kummerländer
2014-02-06Added support for changing valuesAdrian Kummerländer
2014-02-06Implemented trie value supportAdrian Kummerländer
2014-02-05Marked recursive method overloads as privateAdrian Kummerländer
2014-02-05Added CMake build instructions and test casesAdrian Kummerländer