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2019-04-28Adapt to pandoc output changesHEADmasterAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-12-23Increase video marginAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-12-20Add video tag stylingAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-11-18Fix footnote links on start pageAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-11-18Clean up CSSAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-11-17Fix some CSS bugsAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-11-13Move favicon to result rootAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-11-13Pull in some nice fontsAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-10-18Fix super- and subscript line heightAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-09-28Remove article streamAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-09-28Make archive subnavigation customizableAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-09-27Use shared Nix derivations of XSLT build stackAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-09-27Remove content submoduleAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-09-26Load navigation, meta-tags from content `meta.xml`Adrian Kummerlaender
2018-09-26Add blog_content submoduleAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-09-26Remove contents to be included as a submoduleAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-09-24Update code.kummerlaender.eu linksAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-06-24Fix typoAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-06-24Add article on NixOS, GPU programming and assorted topicsAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-06-24Update Nix environmentAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-06-05Fix generate, preview scriptsAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-06-04Nixify build processAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-05-28Add Nix derivation for KaTeXAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-05-27Add Nix derivation, dependenciesAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-11-19Fix pandoc call to generate XHTML output instead of HTML5Adrian Kummerlaender
2017-10-04Fix footnote links, backlinks for all article outputsAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-10-03Add article on BB10 development in 2017Adrian Kummerlaender
2017-06-01Add Edge link font workaround for footnote backlinksAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-05-24Add Edge link font workaroundAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-02-12Remove unnecessary `prettylist` styleAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-02-12Remove page, category functionality as it is now provided by `tree.kummerlaen...Adrian Kummerlaender
2017-02-09Update contact pageAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-02-09Remove comment functionalityAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-01-20Add article on tinkering with meta toolsAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-01-17Update markdown syntax to use pandoc's peculiaritiesAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-01-17Use `pandoc` as markdown processorAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-12-20Switch server side math renderer to _KaTeX_Adrian Kummerlaender
2016-10-22Add Atom feed link to headerAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-10-17Translate math reference sheet page into GermanAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-09-12Link LA12 reference sheet PDF from appropriate project pageAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-09-10Link actual source directory in archiveAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-09-01Include mathjax CSS also for pages containing only inline expressionsAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-09-01Add _math reference sheet_ project pageAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-08-31Add _Overview_ like digest start page, remove stream from center stageAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-08-31Typo fixAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-07-22++age on about pageAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-07-08Add explicit font definition for code elementsAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-07-08Update about pageAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-05-30Link footnotes in article stream to appropriate single article pageAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-05-22Add article on the visualization of metrics in Voronoi diagramsAdrian Kummerlaender