AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-11-13Link any non-xsl file to corresponding target levelHEADmasterAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-06-01Adapt `clean` task to change in `InputXSLT:external-command`Adrian Kummerlaender
i.e. replace shell specific command chaining with successive `InputXSLT:external-command` calls
2014-12-09Removed unnecessary selector negationAdrian Kummerlaender
* it's the order of templates that decides which specialization gets evaluated
2014-12-08Unraveled recursive call based planning transformationAdrian Kummerlaender
* eliminated all custom flow control through usage of correctly defined templates called via `apply-templates` ** parameters are passed to the next recursion through a custom `level` node tree *** this tree may be constructed using `construct_level` * this approach is more flexible and more in line with how XSLT should be used ** it is now a more direct transformation between the source directory tree and the planned task structure * analogously to the directory listing which was refactored in `26c0da`
2014-12-07Replaced recursive call based directory listing with template applicationAdrian Kummerlaender
* using `apply-templates` with a call to `read-directory` as its `select` attribute is more straight forward * additionally it reduces code overhead and eliminates custom flow control ** i.e. its the superior way of traversing directories
2014-10-29Added check for successful transformation read in generate taskAdrian Kummerlaender
* this was not checked previously and was hard to diagnose because it only became visible when the queries failed
2014-10-29Fixed transformation datasource queryAdrian Kummerlaender
* recent commit `71a637` in upstream _InputXSLT_ activated namespace comprehension for `InputXSLT:read-file` and `InputXSLT:external-command` ** this enabled both a simplification of the meta variable query and forced a namespace-independent version of the main and support datasource query
2014-10-18Introduced new "directory" task typeAdrian Kummerlaender
* tasks of this type expect a path node providing the directory tree to be created ** the path is passed to `mkdir --parents $path` which does the actual work * this addition was introduced to fix failing `create_link` calls in cases where the link is created before the actual directory is created as a side-effect of `InputXSLT:generate` ** this side-effect causes `InputXSLT:generate` to be impure and should be elimniated in InputXSLT if possible *** the current hindrance preventing me from doing just that are the `xpath` target declarations which depend on this behaviour
2014-10-13Added invalid mode error handling and unified xpath mode namingAdrian Kummerlaender
* invalid target and datasource modes are now handled as terminating XSLT messages and are not silently dropped anymore * datasource xpath expression and target xpath expression mode are now uniformly named "xpath"
2014-10-12Linked blog implementation as a example and fixed usage `ixslt` callAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-10-12Extracted the static site generation framework into BuildXSLT moduleAdrian Kummerlaender
* i.e. the `detail` transformation chain of [blog.kummerlaender.eu](https://github.com/KnairdA/blog.kummerlaender.eu/) * added module defintion file `StaticXSLT.xml` * revamped documentation accordingly * added MIT license