MetaTermTerminal like UI for launching multiple terminal shells and applications5 years
changeTransparent fs change tracking based on function interposition5 years
justifySingle purpose CLI program for block justification of monospace text5 years
termlifeConway's Game of Life written in C++, displayed using Termbox, Mouse support5 years
dotfilesrepository of my dotfiles, deprecated5 years
nixos_homeMy NixOS home-manager configuration5 weeks
nixos_systemMy NixOS system configuration2 weeks
pkgsSome custom Nix derivations21 months
TypeAsValueC++ compile time computation library using types as values and templates as func...5 years
slangExperimental Forth-like stack language implemented in D4 years
LiterateLBA literate Lattice Boltzmann Code16 months
SweepLBVectorized LBM benchmark code2 years
boltzbubLBM code experiments4 years
boltzgenSymbolic generation of LBM kernels3 years
boltzgen_examplesExamples on how to use the boltzgen code generator3 years
compustreamHacky D2Q9 BGK LBM using compute shaders5 months
grid_refinement_openlbOpenLB 1.3 with 2D grid refinement4 years
symlbm_playgroundTinkering with LBM, OpenCL and SymPy-based code generation8 months
CodepointIteratorUTF-8 codepoint iterator class5 years
DictzipQueryC++ library for querying compressed dictzip archives5 years
TelebotBasic Scheme wrapper of the Telegram Bot API5 years
TrieSimple C++ template implementation of a prefix tree5 years
teensy-envReproducible build environment for Teensy 4.0 programs20 months
SimpleParserSimple parser for mathematical terms5 years
boltzgasSimulation of a hard sphere gas16 months
computicle2D vector field visualization using compute shaders4 years
firmamentVisualization of atmospheric scattering using ray marching3 years
grid_refinement_bsc_thesisSource of my BSc thesis on grid refined Lattice Boltzmann Methods in OpenLB4 years
interacticleBasic molecular dynamics simulation code16 months
math_reference_sheetsMath reference sheets for exam revision4 years
voronoiExploration of Voronoi diagrams in C++5 years
static site generation
BuildXSLTSimple XSLT build system built on InputXSLT5 years
InputXSLTXSLT extensions for static site generation5 months
OverviewStatic XSLT based article and commit aggregator7 months
StaticXSLTStatic site generation framework written in XSLT5 years
blog.kummerlaender.euStatic XSLT based implementation of my blog20 months
blog_contentContents of my personal blog20 months
tree.kummerlaender.euTree-structured static site generator21 months