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masterAdapt to pandoc output changesAdrian Kummerlaender14 months
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2019-06-21Adapt to pandoc output changesHEADmasterAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-03-30Fix inline LaTeXAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-11-18Port CSS fixesAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-11-14Port font, layout changesAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-10-21Fix super- and subscript line heightAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-09-27Use shared Nix derivations of XSLT build stackAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-09-25Generalize header, footer, showcase modeAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-06-05Nixify build processAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-11-19Fix pandoc call to generate XHTML output instead of HTML5Adrian Kummerlaender
2017-04-17Enable inclusion of top-level branches into showcaseAdrian Kummerlaender