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masterUse a more robust way of determining if fallback is requiredAdrian Kummerlaender7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-03-04Use a more robust way of determining if fallback is requiredHEADmasterAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-03-04Match relevant sections of _nvim_ filter to _vim_ filterAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-03-03Implement support for automatic editor determinationAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-03-03Expand _vim_ filter definitionAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-03-03Verify existence of log file, set appropriate return codeAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-02-22Rename `PathMatcher::isMatching` to `PathMatcher::is_matching`Adrian Kummerlaender
2016-02-22Link `ld.so` via the build system instead of raw compiler flagsAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-02-22Release source under the terms of the MIT licenseAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-02-20Interpose `open` library functionAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-02-19Add filter definition for _neovim_Adrian Kummerlaender