AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-15Updated _Turing machine_ comments to reflect tape loggingHEADmasterAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-03-14Implemented basic tape log printout in _Turing_ exampleAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-03-07Changed `tav::Apply` implementation selection to template aliasAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-27Updated `README.md` to mention the examples and added build instructionsAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-27Renamed `Any` list query to `Every`Adrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-26Enabled `Concatenate` to concatenate a variadic pack of listsAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-25Added `Cond` branch condition assertionAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-24Replaced `utility::defer_eval` with placeholder-less `Apply`Adrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-23Added binary incrementer state table to Turing machine exampleAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-22Improved `simulate` function of the Turing machine exampleAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-21Added `README.md` to the Turing machine exampleAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-21Moved Turing machine printing into separate functionAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-21Separated Turing machine implementation into componentsAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-21Implemented basic Turing machine as an exampleAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-20Added `ReplaceNth` list operationAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-19Moved `Apply`'s placeholder into separate detail headerAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-19Introduced `Branch` and `Else` pair aliases for usage in `Cond`Adrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-19Added missing `Cond` dependency headersAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-19Reimplemented `Find` in terms of `ListIndex`Adrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-18Changed `ListIndex` to return false if no index is foundAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-18Reimplemented `Append` in terms of `Fold`Adrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-17Reimplemented `TakeWhile` and `DropWhile` in terms of `ListIndex`Adrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-17Added `Section` test caseAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-17Expressed `Take` and `Drop` in terms of new `Section` operationAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-16Unified `Iota` and `MakeList` using nested structure generatorAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-16Renamed `detail::Sort` to `detail::quick_sort`Adrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-16Reimplemented `Nth` in terms of `Drop`Adrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-16Simplified `List`, `Length` and `Reverse` implementationsAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-15Simplified `Cond`, `Cons` and `Map` implementationsAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-15Reduced `Filter` and `Remove` implementations to direct aliasesAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-15Moved class-based implementations into `detail` namespaceAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-14Introduced `Eval` function evaluation helperAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-13Renamed `Apply`'s template alias to `function`Adrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-12Added previously missing `Drop` implementationAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-12Implemented `Cond` conditionalAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-12Added `Is` prefix to `EqualValue` and `EqualType`Adrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-12Revamped partial function applicationAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-10Moved `Sort` list index deletion into `DeleteNth` functionAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-09Updated `README.md` to mention recent features and directionAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-09Updated `Sort` to make use of `Partition` for splitting at pivotAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-09Added `First`, `Second` and `Third` aliae for `Nth`Adrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-09Added `void` concatenation `List` template specializationAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-08Implemented higher order `Sort` list operationAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-08Added `GreaterThan` and `LowerThan` comparatorsAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-08Added _Scheme_ variant of prime example as documentationAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-06Moved _SFINAE_ helper into separate headerAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-06Revamped to use `Cons` as a function and `Pair` as its resultAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-05Defer `If` template resolution analogously to other functionsAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-05Reimplemented `Contains` and `Delete` in terms of `Apply`Adrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-05Reimplemented `removeMultiplesOf` in terms of a partial function applicationAdrian Kummerlaender