path: root/fish
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-22Add vim-easymotion, vim-incsearch, fzfAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-10-04Bind volume keys to pulseaudio controlAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-05-22Update fish prompt status symbolAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-04-30Add vim tagbar settings, update ctrlp settingsAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-03-24Add `/usr/local/bin/` to PATH for all systems; remove `sxiv` aliasAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-02-04Add random bookmark command, mpd/client launcher scriptAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-01-29Implement i3 drop down terminal bound to `Menu` keyAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-01-17Add ruby userbin to fish pathAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-01-14Sort directories first in `ls`Adrian Kummerlaender
2016-12-30Change `vim` leader to commaAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-12-17Move fish coloring into `config.fish`Adrian Kummerlaender
2016-12-03Add `arbtt` to autostartAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-10-14Add desktop specific fish configurationAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-10-12Add `dict` dictionary popup terminal to scratchpadAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-08-08Replace `xdg-open` launcher with the much simpler `busking`Adrian Kummerlaender
2016-06-19Add `virtualfish` to fish config, promptAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-05-28Only use fish as graphical shellAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-02-15Change font to _Fantasque Sans Mono_ and enable airline symbolsAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-02-15Add `mp3-dl` alias for `youtube-dl`Adrian Kummerlaender
2016-02-13Add _dict_ aliasAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-02-06Add current time to rhs of custom fish promptAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-09-21Add custom `ls` color configurationAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-05-27Added exit status signaling to custom fish promptAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-05-17Added custom fish prompt and changed fontAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-05-15Collection of small updatesAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-01-31Removed shell greeting and added urxvt fading when focus is lostAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-01-31Tweaked pentadactyl colors and restructured i3wm configurationAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-01-02Addded _Chicken-Scheme_ REPL config and shortcutAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-07-05Changed i3wm color schemeAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-07-05Set i3bar tray screen and add texlive to $PATHAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-03-16Added ccat _colored cat_ aliasAdrian Kummerländer
2014-01-29Initial commit of my current dotfilesAdrian Kummerländer