path: root/vim/.vim/colors/akr.vim
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-01Set custom indent guide colorsAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-02-26Add vim conceal configAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-10-09Add _Racket_ and _Prolog_ specific rulesAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-09-17Fix tab highlighting in _akr_ color schemeAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-09-10Add basic latex specific highlighting rules to `akr` colorschemeAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-10-16Display tabulators as solid blocks in custom color schemeAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-07-26Changed vim cursor colors to be more prominentAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-27Marked Vim's `cursorline` as toggleableAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-25Enabled current line number highlighting in VimAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-11Unified colors between gtk, cli and vimAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-09Removed CLI colors from colorscheme as is handled by `CSapprox`Adrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-07Added CLI support to custom vim colorschemeAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-07Added basic version of my own vim colorschemeAdrian Kummerlaender