AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-11CleanupinkAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-09-06Add a fun little fake bonfire _simulation_Adrian Kummerlaender
2019-09-05Change particle colorAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-09-05Try out deferred particle streamingAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-09-04Reset stuck particles to starting positionAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-09-01Prototype "ink" particles visualizationAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-08-30Adapt examples to new material interfaceAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-08-30Start to use vectorizable indexing for material initializationAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-25Dampen channel inflowAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-18Update README.mdAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-18Add another GL interop exampleAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-10Update slides for talkAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-10Add basic talk slidesAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-10Add README.mdAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-08Update benchmark plotsAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-06Update benchmark plotsAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-06Update benchmark scriptsAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-06Add further non-CSE benchmark results @ P100Adrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-04Add further non-CSE benchmark results @ K2200Adrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-04Update benchmark plotsAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-04Update benchmark results of LDC @ Tesla P100Adrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-02Determine discrete velocities of D2Q9 and D3Q27Adrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-02Determine lattice speed of soundAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-02Determine weights using Gauss-Hermite quadratureAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-07-01Expand LDC benchmark scriptsAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-30Move OpenCL buffers into Memory classAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-29Implement layout and memory paddingAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-28Move some common benchmark plots into helper functionsAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-27Add some benchmark plotsAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-25Adapt benchmark results format to be importableAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-25Fix LDC 3D x-z-plane plotAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-25Add raw data of Tesla P100 benchmarksAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-24Add basic benchmark scripts, K2200 resultsAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-22Add interactive 2D LDC notebook, fix material initializationAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-22Add platform, precision and thread layout parametersAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-22Extract parameters in GL interop exampleAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-21Gather interop moments in a more generic mannerAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-20Prototype OpenGL interoperationAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-20Move back assignmentAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-18Expand square expressionsAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-17Extract population offsetAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-17Add function for exporting moments as VTK filesAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-16Add PyEVTK to environmentAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-16Replace some explicit dimension branchingAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-16Select thread layout depending on the descriptor's characteristicsAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-16Declutter gid and offset calculationAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-16Add D3Q27 descriptorAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-15Split descriptors and symbolic formulationAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-15Add support for generating a D3Q19 kernelAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-06-15Start to record some benchmarksAdrian Kummerlaender