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- <img src="https://static.kummerlaender.eu/media/me_in_the_garden.jpeg"/>
+ <img src="https://static.kummerlaender.eu/media/me_in_the_mountains_square.jpg"/>
<span class="greeting">Hi there!</span> My name is Adrian Kummerländer and I am a software developer currently studying mathematics in Karlsruhe. On these pages you will find <a href="https://blog.kummerlaender.eu">blog articles</a> covering amongst other topics some of my experiences in software development, open source and related tinkerings as well as <a href="https://code.kummerlaender.eu">repositories</a> and information on some of my personal <a href="https://tree.kummerlaender.eu/projects">projects</a>. If you have any comments or questions feel free to <a href="https://tree.kummerlaender.eu/contact">reach out</a>. I hope you will find something here worth your time.