AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-25Update pictureHEADmasterAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-10-27Match recent commit timeline changesAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-04-28Fix XHTML outputAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-04-28Add KaTeX styling when requiredAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-04-16Fix img stylingAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-04-14Update formatter and styling to match blog generatorAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-04-13Use raw timeline of `blip.kummerlaender.eu`Adrian Kummerlaender
2019-04-13Remove newly extracted featuresAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-04-13Add compustream updateAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-04-13Replace commit feed aggregation with manual importAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-04-12Use Nix to fetch ATOM feedAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-11-18Fix footnote links in latest articles sectionAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-11-18Port CSS fixesAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-11-13Finally add blog's faviconAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-11-13Use new fontsAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-10-21Fix super- and subscript line heightAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-10-01Add Nix derivationAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-10-01Update repository feedsAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-10-01Use shared Nix derivationsAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-08-30Update photo of meAdrian Kummerlaender
2018-06-05Nixify build processAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-05-24Add Edge link font workaroundAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-04-15Update repository websites, add _slang_ repository to commit feedAdrian Kummerlaender
2017-02-12Link to `tree.kummerlaender.eu`Adrian Kummerlaender
2017-02-10Use `pandoc` as markdown processorAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-12-03Improve flow of introductory sectionAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-10-17Change all link protocols to HTTPSAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-09-01Add introductory section to overviewAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-02-26Remove explicit font definitionAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-02-14Remove older projects from feed sourceAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-02-14Increase amount of displayed commitsAdrian Kummerlaender
2016-02-14Port `blog.kummerlaender.eu` code block handling for commit messagesAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-09-06Update _TypeAsValue_ project page linkAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-09-06Adapt commit selection to cater to non-list based commit messagesAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-09-06Add _MetaTerm_ to repository listAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-03-16Improved layout for mobile devicesAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-02-19Increased line height and list paddingsAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-01-17Added _TypeAsValue_ to list of repositoriesAdrian Kummerlaender
2015-01-10Tweaked commit selection and added `ConstList` to repositoriesAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-12-13Removed top padding for small screen sizesAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-12-11Refactored commit resolution in ATOM transformation as template applicationAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-12-07Added `code` styling analogous to blog stylingAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-12-07Removed `dotfiles` repository from set of feed-source repositoriesAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-10-29Fixed commit timeline sort orderAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-10-29Added ATOM namespace declarationAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-10-28Added basic README.mdAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-10-27Changed timeline transformation to generate a valid ATOM feedAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-10-27Added author and description meta tagsAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-10-27Grouped configuration parametersAdrian Kummerlaender
2014-10-27Added missing repository feedsAdrian Kummerlaender