AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-20Add MIT licenseHEADmasterAdrian Kummerlaender
2020-01-20Extract OpenCL setup into RendererAdrian Kummerlaender
2020-01-19Add README and some preview picturesAdrian Kummerlaender
2020-01-11Add time to fancy plot outputAdrian Kummerlaender
2020-01-11Mark exaxt sun direction in fancy fisheye plotAdrian Kummerlaender
2020-01-11Fix west / east orderAdrian Kummerlaender
2020-01-11Add version of local fisheye sunrise with fancy plottingAdrian Kummerlaender
2020-01-11Fix noon-dependent sun direction sign conversionAdrian Kummerlaender
2020-01-11Implement basic fish eye viewAdrian Kummerlaender
2020-01-10Implement model for local sun directionAdrian Kummerlaender
2020-01-09Calculate Rayleigh coefficients using Nishita and HillaireAdrian Kummerlaender
2020-01-09Fix exposure value in bluedot exampleAdrian Kummerlaender
2020-01-09Replace subscripted vector accessAdrian Kummerlaender
2020-01-08Fix Rayleigh and Mie phase functionsAdrian Kummerlaender
2020-01-03Improve structure, play around with phase functionsAdrian Kummerlaender
2019-12-19Basic sky rendering using the model by Nishita et al.Adrian Kummerlaender